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Why buy a G-Bike?

100% zero emissions

Stylish design

No Need for Insurance, a License, or Registration

Advantages of a G-Bike

G-Bikes are 100% ZERO emission vehicles that are sleek, stylish, and fun to ride. With gas prices skyrocketing and the environment in imminent danger, it's time to rethink the way we travel.

The G-Bike is a stylish bike that is 100% electric but also has pedals to use for traditional biking that can even be removed when you want to use electric power only. Seven different color combinations are available, with new and exciting colors being developed continually. We can also customize your bike any way you choose or have the bike wrapped with company logo's or other promotional purposes. G-Bikes are affordably priced, reliable, and comfortable to operate. All this make for an excellent alternative to driving, especially when the average commute in the United States is under 5 miles.

G-Bikes are manufactured to comply with the federal limit for speed and power so they require no license, registration or insurance to operate. This makes the cost of ownership extremely low. It costs about 10 cents worth of electricity to fully charge the battery which will provide a range of about 35 miles. G-Bikes are great for students, professionals who work in urban, high-density environments, and of course the recreational biker just wanting to have some fun and enjoy the great outdoors.

Many people are seeking out alternative modes of transportation. To beat the expenses and help the environment, some are finding the electric bike provides the perfect solution. This hybrid machine isn't really just a bicycle and it's not quite a scooter or motorcycle, but it can offer some of the advantages of both.