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Introducing: the G-Bike

Check out the G-bike, a new, cost-effective and stylish alternate mode of transport available at the Fred Segal Fun Santa Monica store. Forget your hybrid or four wheels, you know you only need 2 to be cool.

It's a fully electric bike that is good for 35 miles per 4-8 hour charge and at a maximum speed of 20mph. No insurance, license or registration required-more like a bicycle than a motorbike! But don't underestimate this bike; it's fully loaded. Remote control alarm, brakes, rear-vision mirrors, horn and ample storage space, not to mention seven different color combinations . Don't be surprised if you see if me zipping around town in one of these (after they make it a bit cheaper and available here, of course). But if Fred Segal wants to send me, one you know where to find me.

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